Makeup You Would Wear On a Tuesday

“I look at a tattoo as makeup that you would wear on a Tuesday,” says Aleicha our luxury eyebrow specialist. Permanent makeup is not meant to be “full glam” because you want it to be soft and look natural for the average Tuesdays as well as the Friday nights. Watch this clip to hear her explain:

As far as shape goes, Aleicha does like to go along with your natural eyebrow shape instead of giving you something that is not naturally the right fit for your brows. She does recommend other eyebrow services, such as having your brows tinted and waxed and photographed before you get any microblading done, so that you feel comfortable with the shape and look. That way you won’t be as surprised, and you’ll be prepared to sit down and let Aleicha give you true brows.

She has a strong passion for what she does, and she is ready to help you anytime! Visit us in Del Mar to talk more about different brow options, or if you’re ready, you can always book an appointment online.

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