The Very FIRST Thing the Opposite Sex Sees

Aleicha is our eyebrow artist, and she has been doing brows for nearly 20 years! (Learn all about different brow services here.) Watch this clip to hear her talk about how brows make your face. Brows are the first thing that the opposite sex sees, and you make expression with them. They are right on top of your eyes, so when people look at you, they focus in first on your eyebrows.

What is Aleicha’s secret tool in her tool belt these days for making eyebrows perfect?


What is microblading?

Microblading is an original way of tattooing, which they started with bamboo. Now tattoos have evolved and microblading has come back into the permanent makeup scene. It is semi-permanent, and will last you a few years, so you don’t have to worry about doing it again and again, and if you don’t like it right away, it will fade down over time to look even better. It is not completely permanent so over time you can change the shape or color.

Does it hurt?

It feels a little uncomfortable, but we have numbing cream and once you see the results, you start to truly realize how amazing your eyebrows can look and you are always ready to jump back in the chair for more! After all, beauty is pain, sometimes. Visit us to learn more about microblading, or if you’re ready, book your appointment today!

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