It Looks Like You Have Makeup On! Top 4 Reasons Clients Come to Love to Live Spa | Love to Live Skin Care

It Looks Like You Have Makeup On! Top 4 Reasons Clients Come to Love to Live Spa

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May 29, 2016

Here are the four reasons why our clients visit us most:

1. Wrong treatments

We see clients come in all the time who have gotten treatments that are not best for their skin, or they’ve had no treatments at all from a skincare professional.

2. Products

The world is a busy place, and there is so much advice out there about skincare products. So many clients are using the wrong products, too many products or none at all.

3. Sunscreen

Most people don’t know about the right sunscreens to use. When you live in the sun, or somewhere where you’re outside a lot you don’t realize how intense the sun is, and how important sunscreen is.

4. Makeup

Caking on makeup is the easiest way to look like you have makeup on. One of the biggest things we find with our clients that are having trouble with the way their skin looks is that they’re using the wrong makeup. It looks like.. you have makeup on, and the goal is to lightly put on makeup that will allow your skin to breathe and still look natural. You need to cover up any little imperfections, but for the most part, we want to make your skin so nice that you don’t really have to wear makeup and cover anything up.

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