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Men’s Exosome Hair Restoration

Exosome Therapy for Hair Loss is a minimally-invasive technique that uses exosomes to stimulate hair growth from dormant follicles.

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Exosome Therapy is the Answer to Male Pattern Baldness

Men, You Reverse The Effects of Hair Loss With Exosome Therapy

Androgenic alopecia, more commonly known as male pattern baldness, is the most common type of hair loss in men, affecting as many as 50% of men over the age of 50. 

Male pattern baldness is caused by a combination of genetics and hormones known as androgens. They cause the growth cycle of each hair to become weaker and weaker until no new hair grows after the old hair has fallen out.

By injecting exosome serum into the scalp, damaged hair follicles are healed and stimulated so that new, thicker hair can be grown. 

Restore Your Confidence With The Help of Our Experts

Achieve Optimal Results Without Painful Side Effects or Excessive Recovery Times

Exosome hair restoration for men can be a great way to activate and stimulate the skin cells within the follicles of your hair. Consistent treatments can be used to permanently stop hair loss and can even result in new hair growth.

Benefits of Exosome Hair Restoration For Men:

  • Minimally invasive 
  • A natural treatment option that uses growth factors
  • Results are quick and leave no scars
  • No follow-up medications required 
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Stop Letting Your Hair Take Control of Your Life!

We get it – your hair is important to you. Our experts are here to help you restore your full set of hair with this safe and effective treatment option. After the procedure, our experts will carefully continue to access and adjust your treatment plan based on your preferences.

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What Men Should Expect From Exosome Hair Restoration:

  1. Your scalp will be numbed with a topical anesthetic to prevent any discomfort during the procedure.
  2. The exosome serum will be injected into the scalp using a series of tiny needles. This lasts about 15-30 minutes and you should feel no pain during the procedure.
  3. Your scalp will be microneedled to increase the effectiveness of the exosomes and maximize your results.
  4. Generally 1-2 treatments are needed, with each treatment being spaced about 3-6 months apart. However, the amount of treatments needed will vary on the individual.
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Jodi Sawyer, RN

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"I understand how important your hair is to your self-confidence and appearance. When it comes to your care here at Love to Live, shortcuts are never an option Whether you come into our office for a simple hair restoration consultation or a detailed treatment plan, your voice will always be heard." - Jodi Sawyer, RN

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