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Loving a Skin Care Routine IS Possible

Before working with Ashley, Shawn’s issue was that she had so many different products, different brands, and she, as she says, “didn’t know what I was doing with them. I didn’t have a routine.” Now she has just a small group of products. She knows what they do, and when her skin gets sensitive or she has an issue, she knows exactly which product to go to. “If I have any questions I just call Ashley,” she says.

If you’re looking to change your skin care routine, a skin consult with our skin specialist Ashley is the best first step!

Social Media Can Ruin Your Skin

Ryane came to us with gorgeous (although most likely photoshopped/filtered) photos of online models, and wanted gorgeous skin immediately. We worked with her to educate her on the fact that, she already HAS gorgeous skin, she actually just didn’t need any of the products she was trying. She explains:

“The biggest change I’ve seen in my skin has been an even tone and overall brightness. It feels good to look in the mirror and feel awesome about yourself. With social media, it is easy to get pulled into other products. I would always be trying new things that didn’t help and that I did NOT need. With two kids running around everywhere, seeing Ashley was one of the best things I could’ve done for my skin! My biggest piece of advice? Book an appointment at Love to Live if you’re uneasy about your skin. Ashley and the rest of the girls will completely change your life as they have for me!”

I Didn’t Even Realize How Bad My Skin Was!

“I didn’t even realize how bad my skin was, until it improved. I just washed my face and I was a sucker for every skincare product around.” After just a few months of working with Ashley, Carolann started to realize how great her skin could truly look. She noticed less bumps, tighter skin, and younger looking skin. People have even started to comment on how young she looks. For being 50, she thinks it’s great that her skin has a luminosity and glow like it does these days. Her husband “doesn’t realize all the work that goes into that, but he still thinks I am his dream girl and thinks I look young.”

Carolann is happy that with working with Ashley, she realizes that it’s not a huge amount of work to get your skin looking fresh and beautiful!

Over the Counter Skincare NO MORE!

Before Suzanne came to Love to Live she was using over the counter products, trying to use whatever anti-aging thing that she thought worked, and doing some reading, (but maybe not the best job of it she admits.) Since working with Ashley, she has started to use some of the Skinceuticals products and it has been working really well.

“My skin texture and pigment has changed a lot, and I feel so much younger. Others have noticed and have commented about how much younger I look! I was referred here to Love to Live Spa by a friend who believes in Ashley and how exceptional the spa is, so I definitely recommend others to come visit.”

Love to Live Will Help Speed Up Your Morning Routine

Ashley E. loves that she looks 5 years younger from coming to Love to Live Spa! Being in her 30’s, she is a busy working entrepreneur. As a hair stylist, she loves that the spa has helped her create a quick regimen that can get her going out the door much quicker in the morning, leaving more time for her clients!

Jennifer Gets to Know Ashley From Love to Live

At Love to Live, Ashley is truly a partner in your skin care. Jennifer knows this and loves this! She loves the way she feels when she drops her kids off to school in the morning and she feels confident with just sunscreen on! Book an appointment today to talk with Ashley from Love to Live about your skin, and de-clutter your bathroom cabinets, leaving only a few products that help you love to live more!

That’s The Same Person?! (How Good Skin Care Can Make You Look a Decade Younger)

Kathleen’s husband is a photographer, and when she decided to come into Love to Live Spa here in Del Mar, California, she immediately noticed the difference in her skin! She loves the photos he takes of her these days and she truly believes that caring about your skin can make you look many years younger! She points out that covering your natural look with a lot of various makeup products each day creates two completely different looks.

When you wake up in the morning, you really want to avoid looking completely different than you do once your makeup is applied. You ultimately want to gain the knowledge you need to create the best possible routine for your skin, so that you feel beautiful morning, noon and night. Makeup should enhance your natural features, not attempt to cover up years of poor skin care.

“We need to achieve our inner beauty, so that it resonates on the outside.”

We agree Kathleen, and we are so happy you are pleased with your results! We are happy to have you as a valued client.